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This is a blog about LAMs (Libraries-Archives-Museums) and Information and Publishing and the Digital/Physical World and Traditional and Disruptive Innovations, Environmental Scanning and seeing how LAMS exist not just in our sense of its physical locations, but digitally and even conceptually that much of what we encounter as information, content,  context, animate (generally people, nature, animals) and inanimate (generally people too) within our world are all mini-LAMS.  Hmmm, can you sense this stream of consciousness lurking within?

Hi, my name is Sonya Vega True and I am currently a graduate student at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Library and Information Science School.  I’m a sort of retro renegade (I love classic books typeset beautifully with letterpress, classic art and hand-made crafts, formal Japanese gardens and pure nature, Gothic cathedrals and Anasazi dwellings, classic black and white movies and would love men to talk like Cary Grant and sing like Frank Sinatra, and women to talk like Jean Arthur or Bette Davis, but love iPhones, iPads, iMacs, Japanese pop culture, and nifty technology and cloud apps), compiling myself into a new profession from the world of user experience design and software product management (Aldus/Adobe, Microsoft, Netscape/America Online/Mozilla) to who knows what in diving into the huge ocean of our information and library world.

Suffice it to say, what was once taught in library schools isn’t what is is like today, and it is all about information and content in all of its forms within the LAM paradigm (that shifts all the time).  If you can stomach it, my blog is a hodgepodge of many things from case studies and nifty technology to stream of consciousness observations to musings on works of art in whatever form…  I’d love you to teach me too…