copyright by Kome Hachi from Kobe, Japan. His wunderdog Pitan with computer. Symbolizing contentment and interest.

I have to say I am now loving WordPress by using the blog as a “virtual design studio.”

Inspired by Prof. Twidale’s words that design is a messy process, that sketching and doodling is good, that “bits and pieces” and random thoughts are excellent, and to use an online tool such as wikis or blogs to facilitate that process – all these come to fruition in my “Making Olympia” blog. For the first time, I am able to work in a creative mode. Thank you, Prof. Twidale!

copyright Kome Hachi, Kobe, Japan. His dog Pitan goes wild for "cute" toys. Symbolizing those "bits and pieces" and fun little things one can do with WordPress. More toys! More widgets!

It’s amazing how well WordPress works for this process.  When I get a thought or idea or find something, I can write up a bit on it quickly, tag and categorize it for easy access, and take a look throughout my blog as to how these “bits and pieces” are looking over all, fitting together, creating a pattern, see what’s missing, and see what emerges. It’s nice to see the versatility of this social media tool actually morphing into a design process tool instead. Pretty darn cool!